Sunflower Seeds are cleaned and sorted superior grade baking grade.

Sunflower Seeds

Swissbake / Decorations

Product Details:

SwissBake® Sunflower seeds that can be used for multiple baking applications. These seeds are great for use as Sunflower décor as well as they can be added into the dough for making Sunflower Seeds are carefully cleaned and sorted superior grade (Big size) baking grade unflower seed breads. These seeds have been roasted slightly to enhance its taste and flavor profile, make them crunchy and improve its shelf life.


1. Bakery grade large size Sunflower Seeds 2. Non-GMO and consistent quality 3. Can be added to bread dough or used as decoration.

Packing Size:

1 kg


20 pcs/bags

Shelf Life:

9 months




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