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SB Whipping Cream Powder

Swissbake / Others

Product Details:

This non-dairy whipping cream powder is a vegetable based whipping cream powder that can be used to prepare spreadable topping cream for cakes and confectionery products. It is a free-flowing cream coloured powder that is ideal for replacing freshly whipped cream. It provides excellent after whipping volume and stability as well as is freeze stable making it perfect for use in all cake and confectionery applications, including frozen desserts. This blend is instant and easy to use and produces deliciously light whipping cream perfectly suited for elite hotels, pastries shop, cafes and etc. This Whipping Cream Powder can be used as a basis for fillings and for toppings or garnishes for any kind of cake.


1. Formulated without gelatine. 2. Excellent after whipping volume. 3. Great natural mouth feel. 4. No cracking or weeping after decoration. 5. Very good stability. 6. Long shelf life. 7. Instant preparation

Packing Size:

1 kg pch


20 pch / bag

Shelf Life:

9 months




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