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Product Details:

SwissBake® NORDLÄNDER Bread mix is a convenient premix for the preparation of traditional dark rye bread of Northern Europe with lots of sunflower seeds in it. It has an intensive rye malty taste, darker interior, and very long shelf life. Formulated based on a traditional German recipe using rye grains, rye grits and rye sourdough sourced from Germany, this mix is ideal for professional chefs and bakers in the food service industry across the globe baking authentic Norlander breads.


1. Easy to bake with reduced preparation time and a long baked shelf life. 2. Formulated based on a traditional German Nordländer recipe. 3. Made using Rye grains, Rye grits and Rye sourdough sourced from Germany. 4. Rich rye malt aroma and flavour with the goodness of sunflower seeds.

Packing Size:

1 kg


20 pcs/bag

Shelf Life:

9 months




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