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Savoury Cheese Waffle Mix

Swissbake / Waffle & Pan Cake Mixes

Product Details:

SwissBake® Savoury Cheese Waffle Mix is a complete mix for easy preparation of delicious Italian cheese and herbs waffles. This mix is specially formulated with authentic parmesan cheese which adds a unique cheesy flavor to the waffles. Additional to Parmesan Cheese, this mix is also rich with Parsley and basil which gives an Italian touch to the waffles. You can delight your customer by serving this cheesy waffles topped with tomatoes, scrambles eggs and cucumber or you can create your own savor signature treat.


1. All nature-derived ingredients. 2. Authentic parmesan cheese added. 3. Rich with Italian herbs & spices

Packing Size:

1 kg pch


20 pchs/ bag

Shelf Life:

12 months




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