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Pumper Nickel Brot

Swissbake / Bread Mixes

Product Details:

Authentic German Pumpernickel bread is slightly sweet and heavy rye bread made from soaked rye grits using rye sourdough starter and a small amount of coarse rye flour or wholemeal rye flour. Traditional recipe for preparation of authentic German pumpernickel bread requires a long preparation time by soaking the rye grits and takes longer to bake as well. SwissBake Pumpernickel Brot is a unique complete mix for preparing traditional German pumpernickel bread with simplified recipe and significantly reduced preparation time. This is a convenient, no soaking required mix for preparing German style pumpernickel bread and is specially formulated using pre-soaked rye grits, dried rye sourdough powder and rye flour. Pumpernickel bread made using this mix also has a long fresh keeping quality.


1. Made using Rye sourced from Germany 2. Convenient recipe with no soaking required 3. Long fresh keeping quality of baked bread

Packing Size:



20 pcs/bag

Shelf Life:

9 months




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