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Multigrain Bread Mix

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Product Details:

SwissBake® Multigrain Bread premix is a concentrated mixture of various seeds and grains and can be used to bake a range of multigrain breads, rolls and buns. This premix includes blend of ingredients such as sunflower seeds, linseeds and different types of healthy grains like wheat, oat, corn and barley which allow you to bake naturally healthy multigrain breads. This multigrain bread premix is also enriched with natural sourdough powder to give your multigrain breads a rustic aroma and taste profile without any artificial ingredients. With its easy to use recipe and baking procedure, the SwissBake® Multigrain Bread Premix proves to be an ideal economical solution for all the industrial and commercial bakers around the world who want to delight their customers with naturally healthy multigrain breads.


1. High concentration of seeds & Cereal 2. Imparts good volume & Softness 3. Contains natural sourdough & Malt

Packing Size:

1 X 5 Kg X 20


4 pcs / Bag

Shelf Life:

9 months




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