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Morcote 00 Flour

Swissbake / Flour

Product Details:

The texture and aroma of a good pizza depend on the selection of the right flour. Morcote 00 flour is well calibrated pizza flour, specially designed for ease of baking and optimal consistent results. It is a versatile flour with a high protein content specially recommended for the preparation of Neapolitan pizza and dough with medium to long fermentation time. It is ideal for use by professional pizzerias, QSR's, cafes, restaurants & master bakers who are looking to serve authentic Italian or American style pizza's using their own special recipe Blend of best wheat varieties from around the globe with corrective natural enzymes. Each wheat batch is subjected to strict quality checks to ensure purity and consistency. Then the wheat undergoes three dry cleaning stages and 1 wet cleaning stage before slow grinding to preserve natural aromas and optimal water absorption


1. Optimal protein content for best pizza dough 2. Improved dough stretchability and strength 3. The dough is easy to handle and shape 4. Imparts good color & crispiness to the crust

Packing Size:

20 kg bag



Shelf Life:

3 months




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