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Lavender Berry Cake Mix

Swissbake / Cake Mixes Egg Free

Product Details:

SwissBake® Egg Free Lavender Berry Cake Mix is a complete mix for preparing soft and moist lavender colored sponge with surprising notes of berries in every bite. This purple passion is made using natural lavender oil and berry flavour to give it an unmatched royal purple colour, lavender aroma and a unique berry taste profile. Bake this purple delight using an easy to make recipe and short preparation time. Just add water and oil to the mix to prepare the batter and bake to make this delightful lavender treat. With this versatile cake mix, you can not only bake cakes but also prepare the muffins, bar cakes, layered cakes, marble cakes and many more confectionery variants.


1. Perfect soft and moist sponge texture. 2. Excellent creamy mouthfeel. 3. Made using natural lavender oil. 4. Versatile baking possibilities. 5. Unique taste and flavor profile

Packing Size:

1 kg


20 pcs/bag

Shelf Life:

9 months




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