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Baguette 10

Swissbake / Bread Mixes

Product Details:

Baguette 10 is a convenient concentrate (dosage 10%) for making crunchy and aromatic French baguettes. This multi- purpose premix can be used to prepare a range of baguettes, baguette rolls, focaccia breads and other varieties of French breads. It contains a blend of dehydrated sourdough ferment, malt flour and functional enzymes that provide a unique artisan taste and flavour to the baguette in addition to a crisp golden brown crust with a soft and chewy crumb.


1. High concentrate enzyme blend. 2. Versatile blend concentrate for various applications. 3. Fast and convenient production. 4. Bakes to a perfect golden-brown crust.

Packing Size:

1 kg


20 pcs/bag

Shelf Life:

9 months




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