Employee Engagement – Sarawagi Group

Employee Engagement

Research has proven that employee engagement contributes to increased profitability. We too believe employees are internal customers of an organization and their satisfaction leads to enhanced delivery. Engagement happens when employees feel like part of a bigger mission and purpose — but it must be authentically deep-rooted in leadership, business models and culture programs. True employee ownership of a company vision and purpose happens when employees live and breathe the mission in their day-to-day interactions.

We strive to do an honest job to figure out the best mix of talents that can bring the organization together. We listen to our employees and make sure that their hard work is being valued and appreciated consistently. We make sure that our vision is provided as a roadmap for them, and that they know each twist and turn. Training sessions, memos, newsletters, FAQs are done regularly so that they are always engaged in planning and decision-making.
We ensure clarity of objectives and create a culture of communication, especially in difficult times or during times of change. We do not hesitate to provide them financial assistance. Code of ethics and gender equality are the main highlights of our company. Resilience in a challenging environment is a quality we like to see our employees build over time so that it helps to keep up with uncertain environments.

Initiatives for Employees

In today’s competitive market for talent, work culture is everything! It’s the cultural element that can encourage and foster work relationships and employee engagement. We help our team members identify where they can better align work and life and give them the opportunity to contribute to the company’s future direction. Our employees are given time to pursue their own projects. Having people from different departments connecting and bouncing ideas helps to get a fresh perspective. Projects and initiatives encourage creativity and energy flow that benefits the rest of the working hours.

Celebrating achievements

Big or small, they are proof that the effort people are putting in has meaning. Be it birthdays, promotions, retirements, welcoming new members, we put our employees at the forefront of the company. They make the company and it’s a great way of showing them that they matter. Recognitions and celebrations ensure intentionality and follow- through. It is a great way to reinforce our values and vision, while acknowledging exemplary behaviours.

Technology-based solutions

We leverage technology to be a strategic enabler and a competitive advantage that employees are excited about.

  • Beatroute is a field force automation platform that has helped us track salesforce, and manage customer orders.
  • E-attendance app is an integrated online time attendance system that helps us to manage attendance as well as leave/official visits to ensure punctuality and reduce absenteeism in office.

Training and development

We continuously challenge and support our employees in learning and developing their skills. In order to ensure that we as an organisation is regularly updated on our products, we regularly conduct training sessions for our employees by subject matter experts such as chefs who visit us from India and abroad.