Sarawagi provide ranges of products in the Snacks & Namkeen ingredients

Snacks & Namkeen

List of Products
1Ffs M/C For Snacks PackingSamarpan India ----------------
2Conveyor MachineAuthentic India ----------------
3Pagination MachineLeadjetChina ----------------
4Inkjet PrinterDomino Printech India----------------
5Plastic PalletSupreme India --------P/L----
6Plastic CrateSupreme India --------P/L----
7Xtendra Nasure 70 (Xtendra Toco 70)Mixed Tocopherol For Color Retention In Ready Spices ----0.05%----
8Xtendra Nasure 70 (Xtendra Toco 70)----Camlin,IndiaFor Color Retention In Ready Spices----0.05%----
9Synthetic Food Color Supra/Premium Grade Narmada India ----------------
10Caramel ColorPowder/Liquid Alvin Caramel India ----------------
11Extracts & Natural ColorPlant Lipids/Bos Natural India ----------------
12Dehydrated Methi Leaves (Kasoori Methi)Nagor,Rajasthan India ----------------
13Dehydrated Pudina Leaves (Mint)Nagor,Rajasthan India ----------------
14Dehydrated Coriander Leaves (Dhaniya)Nagor,Rajasthan India ----------------
15Curry Leaves----India ----------------
16Spray Dried Lemon Juice PowderVenkatesh Foods India ----------------
17Black Salt PowderTapp Nepal ----------------
18Long Pepper Powder (Pipla) Tapp Nepal ----------------
19Timoor PowderTapp Nepal ----------------
20Bay Leaves Powder (Tejpat Powder)Tapp Nepal ----------------
21Cardamom PowderTapp Nepal ----------------
22Black Pepper/White Pepper PowderTapp Nepal ----------------
23Clove PowderTapp Nepal ----------------
24Green Onion Leak----India----------------
25Tomato Powder---- India ----------------
26Red Chilly Powder (Longi)----India ----------------
27Red Chilly Powder (Different Types)----India ----------------
28Red Chilly Powder (Kashmiri Mirch)---- India ----------------
29Green Chilly Powder---- India ----------------
30Amchur Powder (Green Mango Powder)----India ----------------
31Ginger Powder----India,Nepal ----------------
32Red Onion Flakes Kibbled/Powder----India ----------------
33Garlic Flakes/Powder----India ----------------
34Tartaric AcidFood Grade India/China ----------------
35Malic AcidFood Grade India/China----------------
36Xtendra 06 (Antioxidant/With Antifoamish) Camlin India ----------------
37T.B.H.Q (Antioxidant)Camlin India ----------------
38Dextrose Monohydrate/AnhydrousSukhjit India ----------------
39Malto Dextrine PowderGood Rich Carb/Sukhjit/Sahyadri India ----------------
40Citric Acid Monohydrate/AnhydrousEnsign/Union China ----------------
41I + G (Disodium Riboneuclotide) MeihuaChina ----------------
42Oleoresin Spice Blends Plant Lipids/Bos Natural India ----------------
43Masala Mix (Garam Masala/Meat Masala Etc.)Tapp Nepal --------P/L----
44Seasonings (Chicken /Cheese/Vegetable) Tapp Nepal --------P/L----
45Flavors (Onion /Garlic/Pepper/Chilly/Masala) Iff India----------------
46Mono Sodium GlutamateFufeng/Meihua China ----------------
47Rbd Palm Kernel Olein----Alba Ngo Chew,Mly ----------------
48Rbd Vegetable Cooking Oil----Alba Ngo Chew,Mly ----------------
49Rbd Vegetable Cooking OilChief Sime Darby Kempas , Mly ----------------
50Snacks Pellets 2D/3D/SheetedJeppy India ----------------
51Potato Powder----India----------------
52Potato Flakes Potato King India ----------------
53Sodium Bi CarbonateAny Brand/Tata China/India ----------------
54Maize Starch Sukjit /Starch India ----------------