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VEEBA Mayonnaise

VEEBA Mayonnaise In nepal
June 11, 2020 Author: Sarawagi Group

VEEBA Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a condiment sauce or dressing which is used as a spread in sandwiches, salads, and French fries. There are two major types of mayonnaise – Eggless or eggfree mayonnaise and egg-based mayonnaise. There are several variants of mayonnaise such garlic mayonnaise, chilli mayonnaise, oregano mayonnaise, pesto basil mayonnaise, mint mayonnaise, tandoori mayonnaise, burger mayonnaise and many more.  

Veeba Mayonnaise; which is imported and distributed by Sarawagi group in Nepal, is an Indian brand having the widest chain for sauces, mayonnaises, dips and salad dressings which is used across India and Nepal. We at Sarawagi group provide these Veeba products to the hotel and industries as per there demand. The variety of Veeba mayonnaise offered by us are eggless mayonnaise, eggless mayonnaise premium, oregano mayonnaise, mint mayonnaise and eggless mayonnaise professional. These mayonnaises are easily used by the restaurant and hotel industries or are also used at home for making the Sandwich, Pasta, Pizza, Rolls, Wraps, Dips, Salad Dressing 

Major aspects of mayonnaise are the Fat % and shelf life, higher the fat better will be the taste and lower the shelf life fresher the product. 

  • Professional Mayonnaise – Eggless mayonnaise with 16% Fat with 6 months shelf life 
  • Chef’s Choice Mayonnaise – Eggless mayonnaise with 37% with with 4 months shelf life 
  • Premium Mayonnaise – Eggless mayonnaise with 46% fat with 4 months shelf life 
  • Classic Mayonnaise – Egg based mayonnaise with 48% fat and 4 months shelf life 

Competitor mayonnaise are available with higher preservatives and a longer shelf life of 12 months which makes the product artificial in taste and flavour. Also, they are at a lower fat percentage which doesn’t match with Veeba mayonnaise taste and flavour. 

Top customers for Veeba Mayonnaise are: 

  • Valley Express VFC 
  • KKFC 
  • Taj Vivanta 
  • Hotel Yak and Yeti 
  • Hotel Aloft 
  • Krishna Pauroti Bhandar 
  • Hygenic Foods 
  • Food Solutions 
  • Heritage Banquet 
  • Alu Cha 
  • Red mud Coffee  

Along with mayonnaise the other products we offer from Veeba are: pizza pasta sauces, fruits and chocolate toppings, makhani gravy – easy to add in the dish and cook it for authentic flavor, sauces and dips, mustard, tomato ketchups, spreads and salad dressing. The products are used highly in the Nepalese market and have a good recognition. For more information please visit us: 

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