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Cocoa powder in nepal
January 29, 2021 Author: Sarawagi Group


An unsweetened chocolate product that adds deep chocolate flavor to desserts and beverages. Cocoa powder is produced by the removing the fat part I.e. cocoa butter from the cacao beans while processing. The leftover solid is dried and grinded which is known as cocoa powder. Cocoa powder definitely comes in when we speak about baking. Two basic type of cocoa powder is available, namely Dutch process and natural. The Dutch process produces a cocoa powder which dissolves easily, making it more convenient to work with the recipes such as chocolates, drinks and ice-creams. While using cocoa powder for baking, the quality of cocoa powder directly affects the product because the acidity of the cocoa powder might be the only thing activating leavening agent in the recipe.

Cocoa powder tastes like chocolate but without the creamy mouthfeel that cocoa butter would add to the chocolate bar. Dutch process cocoa powder has a relatively mild taste while the natural one has sharper flavor.

Cocoa powder adds and intensifies the flavor to chocoholic products such as fudge or flourless chocolate cake. It can also be easily used as a coating in chocolate truffles or light chocolate boosters for bread and muffins. Cocoa powder can be easily stored for up to 2 years in an airtight container in a cool, dark, dry place but cocoa powder cannot be refrigerated as the moisture affects the texture and can lead to spoilage.

Unsweetened cocoa powder contains about 12 calories per tablespoon and less a gram of total fat.

Varities of cocoa powder from economical level to higher quality are easily available on Sarawagi Groups, Balkhu. We have Raj Cocoa Powder, Selbourne cocoa powder, Tapp Cocoa powder which is manufactured and repacked at TAPP, Birgunj. We also import a high-quality cocoa powder from Morde, India and JB Cocoa, Malaysia. Cocoa powders from TAPP comes in 1 kgs packs with 12 months shelf life and conatins 25 kgs in a sack. Morde cocoa powder comes in a 25 kgs sack.

The prices and other details about the cocoa powders can be availed from +977-9802069589, drop in a text over whatsapp or viber to find out more.

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