Food Colour – Sarawagi Group

Food Colour


Product Details:

It is an articifical/synthetic colour which is used to give a specific appearance to food and drink items thereby making them visually stimulating.


Bakery, Beverages and Confectionary

Packing Size:

500 Grams

6 Kgs

25 Kgs

Shelf Life:

3 Years




Flavours / Type

Tartrazine Supra

Keshar Supra

Sunset Yellow FCF Supra

Orange Red Supra

Ponceau 4R Supra

Tomato Red Supra

Erythrosine Supra

Bright Pink Supra

Raspberry Red Supra

Carmoisine Supra

Pink Rose Supra

Amaranth Supra

Vino Supra

Kola / Kola Chocolate Supra

Chocolate FCF Supra

Chocolate T Supra

Carmelene Supra

Apple Green Supra

Pea Green Supra

Bright Black FCF Supra

Dark Chocolate/ Cola Supra

Brilliant Blue FCF Supra

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